Aastra S850i Speakerphone

Aastra S850i - Freedom and Flexibility for Audio and Video Conferencing

The S850i from Aastra, designed specifically for use in conference rooms, boardrooms and executive offices, employs the latest in secure wireless audio technology. Comprised of several distinct components, the S850i redefines the traditional conference call experience giving users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones and dial pad.
The S850i wireless conference phone from Aastra, comprised of one wireless speaker, two omnidirectional microphones and a handset dialer, completely transforms the conference call experience. The S850i gives users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the wireless speaker, microphones and handset dialer to meet the needs of the conference call setting.

Supporting wideband audio technology, the S850i delivers superior sound quality and performance meeting all of your audio and video conferencing needs. The audio auxiliary IN and OUT connection ports allow integration with video conferencing solutions such the Aastra BluStarâ„¢ for Conference Room and enable connectivity with PC applications including the Aastra BluStarâ„¢ for PC.

The S850i provides excellent acoustic echo cancellation and the conference phone is immune against GSM interference. Using the latest and most innovative technologies the S850i allows you to hear and be heard effortlessly.

Completely wireless, the Aastra S850i is a unique marriage of innovative technology and ergonomic design allowing unparalleled freedom and flexibility for audio and video conferencing.

The Aastra S850i Wireless Conference Phone is comprised of several components including:

  • One handset dialer for operation and system configuration
  • One wireless speaker
  • Two omnidirectional tabletop microphones
  • One charger tray for speaker, microphones and handset dialer supplied with universal AC power adaptor
  • One wireless base unit with 7' Ethernet cable for connecting to the IP network
Wireless flexibility for small, medium or large conference rooms and exectutive offices

No more wires on the conference room table

Superior audio quality and high pickup range with two omnidirectional microphones

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