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BluStar Application Server - Video Conference & Collaboration Solution

The BluStar Application Server is an integral part of the Aastra BluStar™ solution. Delivering true HD video conferencing and powerful collaboration capabilities, the Aastra BluStar solution enables lifelike video images to be delivered to the desktop. Extensive multi-way video conferencing & collaboration features makes doing business personal, reduces travel needs, and increases employee productivity.
As a standalone solution, the BluStar Application Server (BAS) and Aastra BluStar™ devices and clients provide extensive multi-way video conferencing and collaboration features that make communicating remotely as natural as being face-to-face. It is a cost effective solution for connecting multiple conference rooms, home office workers and teams from multiple locations.

The BAS is the heart of the BluStar standalone video conference and collaboration infrastructure.  It acts as the command center for the solution providing advanced conferencing and collaboration features such as; bandwidth management, desktop/screen sharing and multi-way conferencing. It comes pre-installed with the Aastra BluStar software and is easy to configure and deploy in an IP network.

The advanced design of the BluStar Video Conference and Collaboration solution avoids the need for costly MCUs, reducing overall costs and additionally reducing MCU quality impacting encoding/decoding and associated increased latency.

The BAS combines with Aastra BluStar endpoints and forms part of the BluStar Ecosystem which is comprised of devices and cleints including the award winning BluStar 8000i Desktop Media phone, BluStar for Conference Room, BluStar for PC, BluStar for iPad and BluStar for iPhone. 

The BAS is an essential part of Aastra's UCC portfolio - the BluStar Ecosystem. BluStar takes business communications to a new level across a choice of devices, providing a consistent user experience by using video as the key driver. Aastra’s BluStar productivity enhancing tools provide more choice and flexibility to answer the increasingly diverse communication needs of today’s modern enterprise.

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