Ensure your business is always on!

When you are running a mission critical business where down time is not an option, you can count on Aastra’s solutions to provide state of the art redundancy and resiliency to secure the five nines (99.999%) level of operation you need.
Reliability & Security
Aastra can provide redundancy options to ensure that there is no loss of operation should part of your communication network go down. We can even provide disaster recovery options, where parallel systems are put in place in different locations to ensure business continuity even if a natural disaster occurs.
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Leverage Cloud solutions for business continuity
Automatic disaster recovery is a key benefit of a cloud-based communications solution, and is much less expensive than doing it on-premise in your own data centers. In addition to system component redundancy, Aastra’s cloud solution is designed with geographical redundancy, and also offers site level survivability.
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Full business capabilities when working remotely
Aastra’s Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and tele-working solutions ensure that your users can have access to the same enterprise communication services when they working remotely as they do in the office with the same level of security.
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Survivability for your call center
Aastra’s web-based call center solutions allow agents to take calls wherever they are with a phone and/or PC. Using Aastra’s Hosted Contact Center solution provides built-in business continuity because virtual agents can access the service from any phone and PC with an internet connection. If their primary work location is disabled or even if they cannot travel to the center due to snow, flood or pandemic they simply access the service from a pre-planned alternate work location or even their home.
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