Empower collaboration and productivity within your company!

Companies are increasingly realizing the value of cross-enterprise collaboration to leverage employees’ expertise and share information and projects across a team or the wider organization. Aastra has developed a range of Unified Communications and Collaboration applications that can be integrated into your existing communication systems to increase productivity and save money.
Multimedia Conferencing
The Aastra BluStar™ Ecosystem offers multimedia communication solutions delivering a powerful video collaboration experience across multiple devices. The solution includes applications for the desktop, PC, smartphones, tablets and conference rooms.
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Web Conferencing and Collaboration
Aastra OnDemand™ lets you conduct multi-person video and web conferencing sessions with participants where ever they are located, using only a web browser. Aastra OnDemand Web Collaboration provides an easy-to-use online interface and includes applications for meetings, webinars, learning and support.
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Presence & Instant Messaging
Aastra’s Unified Communications applications can provide Presence indication as well as Instant Messaging in a number of ways. Recognizing that enterprises have differing needs, Aastra gives you choice. Depending on the Aastra call manager you choose, customers may have the option of integrating with Microsoft® Lync™, IBM® Sametime®, or using Aastra’s own built-in Presence and Instant Messaging applications.
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