Expand your communication solution in line with your business needs while controlling costs!

Aastra offers you flexible communication solutions that can be migrated step-wise into your organization and operations. Using Aastra’s solutions will allow you to grow in line with business needs while at the same time keeping control of your costs. And because Aastra’s product strategy is to provide open solutions based on industry accepted standards, integration with 3rd party applications is simplified.

Self-paced Migration™

Thanks to the modular approach, full scalability and openness of Aastra’s product portfolio you may migrate your communication solution step-wise at your pace while at the same time keeping control of your costs. Aastra’s communication platforms range from traditional TDM based services to a full SIP-to-the-core IP-PBX, and our Self-paced Migration strategy allows a mix of solutions, based on your business need and budget. And Aastra’s call managers run on open standards servers providing investment protection for your existing hardware.

Enable better cost control by using technology verified by Aastra.

Get better use of your hardware investments by virtualizing your solution. This allows you to reduce the amount of server HW needed to run the UC applications. Also, by moving your existing TDM user phones to modern Media GW hardware, you can reduce power consumption and reduce the overall Hardware footprint.

Integrate your 3rd Party collaboration applications.

Aastra provides open solutions based on industry accepted standards. This openness enables us to offer you to choice to integrate 3rd party collaboration applications, such as Microsoft® OCS or IBM® Sametime® Unified Telephony as part of the total communication package. Additionally, we provide open application interfaces, such as SIP, CSTA V3 or XML, combined with SDKs, to enable integration with selected technology partners offering value add 3rd party business applications. Our A2P2 program is the guarantee that these applications are properly tested and certified towards Aastra’s product portfolio.

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